The ultimate Svalbard experience - combine dog sledding with a tour in an ice cave


20 Feb 2023 - 29 Mar 2023


7 hours in total


Together with our 45 eager huskies, we will travel through beautiful valleys and up the moraine to the glacier Scott Turner. Here, we will give the dogs a well-deserved rest while we walk from the present 600 to 1000 years back in time into a majestic ice cave (more correct melt water channel) inside the glacier. We are a small family business where our dogs join us on most activities focusing on longer expeditions in Svalbard. Previously we have done longer North Pole expeditions and run the longest sleddog race in the world: Iditarod in Alaska. The passion for our dogs is the motivation and we wish to share this passion with our guests.


NOK3,190.00 per person