Animal Welfare

Animal welfare - kennel guidelines

We at Arctic Husky Travellers consider our dogs as part of our family and we have a special bond to each and one of them. Therefore we want to be as transparent about animal welfare as possible. 

The love for our dogs is the core of our business and their welfare always comes first. 

General guidelines for animal welfare and caretaking of the dogs at our kennel:

  •  Feeding: 2 times per day. A warm, calorie rich soup in the morning to keep the dogs hydrated and a main meal in the evening. During the summer months water is always accessible for the dogs. They are fed high quality dog food (kibble combined with meat) and the calorie intake is adjusted to the specific need of each individual dog (also depending on level of activity). 
  • Cleaning the kennel: Kennel gets cleaned every morning and evening.
  • Shelter: Each dog has its own insulated doghouse which provides the dog with shelter against the weather. During storms and if a dog for some other reason has special needs (sick or injured), we have a room indoors with cages that the dogs can sleep inside. 
  • Living/play area: Most dogs have their own house, but the most social ones share a double house with a friend. We have a separate living area for pregnant females and puppies. Puppies get to free run in the yard from they are around 2 months old.  
  • Breeding: To avoid accidental breeding we have a separate living area for females in heat. We never breed to sell puppies. All puppies are socialised well and given the necessary vaccinations and deworming treatments. We keep all our dogs from they are born until old age. 
  • Veterinary treatment:  We cooperate with the local vet and we check all dogs regularly for any issues. All dogs are given the required vaccinations and necessary deworming. 
  • Training and activity: To keep the overview of the dogs actvity we keep a training diary to make sure that all dogs are running an equal amount. And of course that they are not gettign over worked. We make sure that they are well trained/prepared for all activities that they take part in.