frequently asked questions

Yes, of course! If you want to go on a trip in the wilderness and you like animals, you should go on a dog sledding trip!

We will provide you with all the necessary gear (boots, overalls, gloves, hats). It is recommended to have suitable undergarments made of materials such as wool or fleece. For further information on how to dress in Svalbard, check out Visit Svalbard’s website.

Our dogs and us will go out in most weather conditions and it is usually quite exciting for guests to experience the “real Svalbard weather”. If the weather is playing against us, we can usually find alternative suitable routes and activities.

There is a minimum age for some of our longer trips, but no maximum age as long as the person is physically fit and able to take control of their dog team. Some of our tours are more physically demanding than others.

Our dogs are professional athletes and absolutely love what they are doing. As soon as we hook up your lead dog to the team, they will express this in a very noisy, excited chorus. We try to offer a variety of tours not only to keep our guests happy, but also to mentally and physically stimulate our dogs.

Try to inform us beforehand of any handicaps or health issues you might have and we will do our best to accommodate your special needs.

The earlier, the better. We are a very small, family-run company with limited spots on our trips. 

Yes! Information about any type of food allergy or information about vegetarian/vegan food we have to receive in advance.

There is no age limit to sit on the sled, however it is at the discretion of your guide to decide whether you can drive the sled safely. Our general weight limit is 110kg on most trips. Please respect our decision as we are working with animals. If you consider yourself to be unfit or of size, please inform us when you book the trip, as extra guides may need to be sourced.

We usually operate with so-called “tandem-sleds” which gives you and your companion the possibility to both drive and steer the sled at the same time. If you are unable to drive your own sled, please inform us of any issues beforehand so we can organise a seat in the guide’s sled for you.

That is very much depending on the kind of tour you book with us. You will usually find more information on the duration on the page specific for the trip you are interested in.

Yes! Our guides will give you full safety and driving instructions before we leave the kennel – no previous experience required.

That depends on what exactly you are looking for. If you are unsure about what to book after going through our website, feel free to contact us anytime.