Dagsturer: Hund på hjul

Dogs on wheels

Explore the gorgeous tundra landscape in Adventdalen from a special-made wagon pulled by a husky team! We pick you up in Longyearbyen and drive to Bolterdalen, 10 km outside Longyearbyen to our husky farm. Here you get warm clothes and boots for the trip, and we say hallo to our friendly huskies and harness them up for the ride.  2 guests drive together and will get all necessary instructions before take-off. We crisscross Adventdalen and explore its rich bird and reindeer life. After the dogtrip we will serve lunch at our huskyfarm while we are showing pictures and film from the many great husky-adventures in the Arctic (from Alaska to Svalbard to the North Pole). After lunch we will do a hike with dogs as company to see the rich plant life of the Arctic Tundra.The tour takes all in all around 5-6 hrs from pick up to return in Longyearbyen. The trip starts at 09:30 with return around 14:30.

With us you will get close contact with our friendly huskies – we are a small family company with 40 huskies and have been actively running sled-dogs for over 20 years. We offer trips to individual guests, families and small groups (max 6 guests). We go for quality rather than quantity and we are Svalbard’s smallest commercial sled-dog company.


Explore dogsledding on wheels with tundra hike and lunch

Price per person

1.890 NOK

Suitable for most


Dogsledding on wheels

Price per person

1.090 NOK

Suitable for most