Våre Guider

Owner and Guide

Tommy has long experience with dog mushing and ourdoor activities. He has completed the world longest dogsled race Iditarod in Alaska and Finnmarksløpet in Norway several times. He moved to Svalbard in 2007 and is travelling on long expeditions with and without guests in Norway, Svalbard, Canada, Alaska and to the North Pole.

Owner and Guide

Janne has been dogsledding guiding trips on Svalbard since the 90's. Janne likes to travel the land with the dogs and her family and when she is not busy taking great care of the dogs and the guests she is working at UNIS - University Center of Svalbard as a profesor in Arctic Marine Biology.


Anja moved to Svalbard in 2016 and has since then guided dogsledding trips. Anja has participated in many race and expeditions at Svalbard. Anja prefers being in the nature - preferable with dogs. Anja got a bachelor degree in outdoor activities and are now doing a master degree in outdoor activities. Anja is certified Arctic Nature Guide and Svalbard Guide

Tommy Jordbrudal

Janne Søreide

Anja Åse Wied