Our cabins

Reinheim Lodge

“Reinheim”  is located in the untouched, silent Tverrdalen surrounded by glaciers and mountain peaks. The only way to get there is by foot, skiing or dog sledding since motorized transportation is not permitted here.

A visit to Reinheim will give you a true undisturbed wilderness experience far from any road or civilization (no cell phone coverage here). The only footprints we will come across are those from our furry four-legged friends, the many reindeers, a polar fox or two and sometimes a polar bear. The cabin is heated by a big wood stove where we can also bake bread. The dogs outside are loyal polar bear guards, very friendly to us, but not to polar bears.

The cabin has three bedrooms and a sauna with Svalbard’s best view. The surrounding wonderland of glaciers, mountain peaks and deep valleys, rivers and creeks has been our “home” for endless of hours training our huskies. We love this wild and beautiful area and never get bored of travelling this land.

Dogyard Bolterdalen

Located 10 km from Longyearbyen, we live in a small cabin with our best friends just outside the window. All trips start and end in the dog yard in Bolterdalen.